Maintain Word Press Security

Security of word press is very crucial for every web site owners to safe guard their web site and its content from hackers. Word press security is very important to each and every website in order to safe guard the data. Even though word press core software is highly secured and audited by many developers, it is important to secure your word press web site. Securing your web site is not only about risk elimination but it is also about reducing the risk. Google blocks approximately 20,000 websites for malware every week and 50,000 websites for phishing.

Security WordPress

Importance of Word Press Security

Word press security is very important to protect your business or organisation because when your website gets hacked it negatively affects your revenue and repetition. The user information and passwords can be at risk and if your web site is hacked then the hacker can easily get the information about your users. Hackers can also install malicious soft ware in your site and affect users by spreading malware. If you have a business website then you need to be extra careful about the security issues like hacking.

Update your Word Press

Even though word press is regularly updated, only minor updates are automatically updated. You should be responsible for updating major releases. The plugins and themes installed in our website should also be updated. Updating regularly is very important for your sites security, as well as your sites stability.

Use Strong Passwords

Use strong and unique passwords for your websites to eliminate the risk of hacking. Use strong passwords in different sections like word press admin, database, FTP accounts, word press hosting account and also for your professional Email address. Do not give access to your word press admin accounts to others unless it is very important. Many people avoid using strong passwords as they are difficult to remember, but you can help yourself by using password manager.

Importance of Word Press Hosting

As word press hosting plays a crucial role in your site’s security, choosing superior shared hosting provider who takes extra care of their servers against threats is very important. Choosing managed word press hosting is safer than using shared hosting as managed word press hosting companies provide automatic updates and back up’s along with advanced security settings.

Here are few word press security tips to harden security

  • Install word press backup plugins to restore your data quickly in case of any threat
  • Install superior word press security plugin to know what happens on your site like malware scanning, integrity monitoring, failed login attempts and so on.
  • Use Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your site from malicious traffic.

Along with the above here are few steps for DIY users to improve word press security

  • Modify the default admin username
  • Disable few settings like file editing, PHP file execution in few word press directories, directory indexing and browsing and XML-RPC in word press.
  • Limit login attempts and keep password protection to word press admin and login page.
  • Change default word press database prefix
  • Automatically log out inactive or idle users in word press
  • Avoid unauthorized access by adding security questions to word press login screen.
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Improve Security Levels with Proper Hosting

An imperfectly designed application with malicious code can negatively affect the performance of other applications on the server without adequate isolation. It is very important to isolate multiple applications from one another and also from shared system within a web hosting environment for hosting security. A web hosting environment is a web server which is provided by an Internet service provider. One should always use application isolation while hosting multiple ASP.NET Web applications on a shared Web server. Without using application isolation, it is difficult to ensure that one application from one organization cannot access the sensitive data of other organizations.

Hosting Security

For internet service providers who host different applications from different companies this issue of security levels is very crucial. For Internet service providers it is very important to make sure that installation of new applications do not affect the operation of current applications.

Here are the ways to isolate ASP.NET 2.0 application

  • Use code access security- one can run application with partial trust i.e. by using ASP.NET medium trust level. By doing this they can limit the access to system resources and other forms of applications resources.
  • Using separate process for each application- On Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0, each application is run in its own application which is designed to run under unique identity. This allows, auditing the activity of each application separately.
  • Use different encryption and decryption keys- it is important to make sure that keys designed for machine key are unique and different from each application. With the help of separate and unique keys, one can make sure data integrity even when data from one application is accessed by other application.

. NET framework version 2.0

The .NET framework version 2.0 introduced changes that have option for hosting multiple applications on the shared server. Here are the few changes of .NET framework version 2.0

  • .NET Framework Data Providers for OLE DB, Oracle, and ODBC run in partial trust- the .NET Framework Data Providers for OLE DB, Oracle, and ODBC can work in partial trust to access data sources as they do not need full trust.
  • Decryption attribute is added for machine key element- the decryption attribute of machine key element clears the symmetric encryption algorithm which is used to encrypt and decrypt forms authentication tickets.

IIS 6.0 Process-Model Isolation

The IIS 6.0 in windows server 2003, to host separate web applications, multiple worker processes are enabled to be used. To host web applications separate instances of the IIS worker process are used.

One should run each application on shared server using unique custom account to enable isolation. This process helps to run each application separately and also to authorize different applications separately with windows ACLs (access control lists).

To improve security levels while hosting multiple applications in ASP.NET, one should follow the bellow steps

  • Design your application for partial trust
  • For processing isolation use application pools
  • Analyze and asses machine key settings.
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5 Ways to fix Slow Loading Website

One thing you should mainly focus about your website is loading speed of the web site. Loading speed of your website is very crucial to improve rank in search engine results and also it helps to improve user satisfaction. Speed of your website helps to retain users and also helps to get more traffic to your website. Improving speed of your website is very crucial as slow loading websites may not be capable to attract more users. You can easily improve slow loading website problems by following few ways to fix slow loading websites. Here are 5 ways to fix slow loading website.

1. Allow caching

When we visit a website cache helps to store some data. Caching stores data in a temporary area. When we visit the website again cache helps to load faster. Installing caching plugins helps to improve performance and also speed up loading along with improving visitors. When you use content management system like wordpress, you can opt for caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or W3 Super Cache.

2. Avoid more plugins and Add on’s

The speed of your website may get reduced when your website is running too many plugins. When your website is using many plugins, your website is more prone to security risks. You can avoid resource hogs. You can remove harmful plugins by undergoing a baseline test by using Google Pagespeed Insights or GTMetrix.

3. Optimize the size of images

The speed of your site gets adversely affected when your site has more number of images which are oversized. These oversized images take more time to load the site and images. You can optimize your images by following few ways like

  • Make sure that your images are not oversized
  • Install WPSmush plugin which helps to improve speed by automatically minimizing the size of your image files.
  • Run the images through Tiny PNG tool before uploading them, this tool helps to minimize the size of your images.

4. Reduce your code

Your website may take more time to load if your code is bigger and clumsy. Your code may have unnecessary line breaks, spaces and others when you use a CMS, you make more customizations and even when you use website builder to make site. Better WordPress Minify is a plugin which helps to reduce your code when you are using wordpress.

Pagespeed Insights Chrome Extensions also helps to reduce your code by creating minimised version of code. Minimizing your CSS and your JavaScript files is also very useful as having all these files in one place helps to speed up the process.

5. Use content delivery network (CDN)

Use content delivery network (CDN) to speed up loading of your site. This helps to duplicate and save your file which assist users to access your site through the server closest to them as it is a network of global servers. CloudFlare and KeyCDN are two options available for CDN.

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WordPress Plug-in Theme Reliable

A plugin a software containing group of functions that can extend the functionality of wordpress. When you want to choose themes or plugin from thousands of choices, choose high quality theme or plug-in. WordPress plugin directory offers thousands of themes or plug-in to download for free. If you choose a low quality plugin it can lower your efforts, slow down your site and also can increase security risks. Make sure you choose high quality plugin to improve your site’s performance and never rush to choose and select a low quality plugin which can adversely affect and slow down your site. Here are few tips which will assist you in choosing high quality theme or plugin.

Wordpress Plug-in Theme Reliable

Download or purchase the plugin or themes from reliable sources only

One of the most important steps after choosing a high quality plugin or theme is downloading or buying it from trustworthy source. Though you are buying a high quality theme or plugin from a reliable source, it is important to research about it thoroughly before buying or installing it.

Here are few more things which you may want to know before selecting a plugin or theme from word press plugin directory or from a market place. When you are checking for a source of premium wordpress theme, here are great resources like Elegant themes, Theme forest and also Studio press.

Go through reviews and feedback before choosing

It is important to go through feedbacks and reviews of users as they may not be false. Choose high star rating plugin is very important and also number of reviews is also crucial. By reading the reviews you will come to know about the Performance along with technical issues.

Look for latest updates and also no of active installs

See for the latest updates, which indicate that the developers are maintaining them. It is important to know about the number of active installed. With number of installations the performance of themes or plugin also improves. The site owners may not be interested in using themes or plugin that are not updated and that are not working. You may also not want to install Plugin or themes which are not updated.

Check out their support

Though every plugin or themes may not have support group, but high quality plugin or themes have support team and which will be useful in case of any technical problems. Along with support groups, one should also check plugin and theme documentation which helps in set up and customization of plugin and theme.

WordPress compatibility

This is the last and most important step. You should clear it weather it is compatible to the latest versions or not by double checking it. As the word press core is updated regularly and if your plug in or themes are not updated it may crash your sites performance and site as well.

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Improve the Common Mistakes of Website

Due to drastic increase in mobile consumption Google also changed its search process to be mobile friendly in 2014. Approximately a person is spending average of 60 hours each week on digital devices. According to the statistics about usage of mobile phones for a year downloading the apps in mobile raised to 32% from 22%, web browsing also raised to 42% from 33%, checking mails raised to 43% from 33% and logging on to social networking sites also raised to 30% from 22%. Not only teenagers who are bored use smart phones but also the usage of smart phones influences the earnings.

When you are making a mobile friendly website, it is very beneficial for your business, but if you tend to do UX mistakes like old content, slow loading and so on it negatively affects your business. Most importantly building mobile friendly websites play crucial role in building superior relation with users and also the followers.
Here is the list of common mistakes of websites you can avoid to improve users and followers.

1. Revise “registration required”

Though many firms depend on registration, but enclosing the information behind registration is very disappointing for some users and avoiding the site as they are not interested in registering. Approximately 11% of the users dump the site because of the registration process and about 90% of the users provide false information. If registration is mandatory or essential for your Website make it simple and easy by thinking from the point of view of users i.e. keep less fields, do not keep any passwords and so on.

2. Reconsider the structure and organization

Use simple and user friendly quick access structure. Using complicated instructions in the site, leads to unclear information about the site and which further lead users to abandon the site. The main goal of business website is to provide complete information about the services, information and products about the business. By using complicated structure your goal may not be reached. In order to get rid of these provide simple page titles and links to get relevant information. Be particular about the back ground colours and the font colours do not mix with each other and also include social media share features.

3. Provide users with option to choose

Too many ads and pop ups in website may also make the users quit from the website. This may be due to waste of time and energy in closing the ads. If your ads cover the content then it negatively affects your web site. Just use one or two ads, opt in pop ups that are relevant to our site.

4. Improve your web page loading time

The time your web page takes to load also influence your relationship with the user. Most of the users abandon the site due to slow loading of the page. It is very important to build your website user friendly. Google also penalizes the websites which takes huge time to load. If you want to check your web sites performance and speed, use several simple tools to test the speed like Google page speed insights and web page test. These also provide few suggestions to improve the speed.

5. Keep updating the content

Provide relevant, knowledgeable, fresh and unique content to grasp the attention and entertain the users. Updating your website once in a year or posting outdated content may discourage the users. To keep your users enthusiastic provide valuable, accurate and appropriate information, as it increases the relation. In order to get rid of this problem hire professional content writers to provide users interesting information which can make them revisit your website.

Hamara Hosting

We at Hamara Hosting provide top-grade web hosting services. Availability of your website is our top priority and we make it possible by providing attractive user-friendly web site. We design simple yet useful and attractive websites with which we can grab many users attention. Choosing appropriate web host is very crucial for attractive and value based website, we aim to provide outstanding matchless hosting services. We provide 24/7 support for any hosting related issues as your website appearance in online is our top most priority.

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Cloud vs. Shared Hosting: What You Need to Know

There are several web hosting options available now days. Web providers are offering huge varieties of features in low budgets which can serve different organizations from small to large scale organisations. The most common web hosting solutions are cloud hosting and shared hosting. These two are the leading hosting solutions, they hold their own individual and unique features which seems to be useful depending on your requirements. Let us know a little more in detail about each hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting

The most important distinguishing factor in both the hosting solutions is that the cloud hosting is combines the use of several multiple servers. Incorporating multiple servers can be beneficial, if there is any problem with one server, you can utilize the other server without wasting time. Cloud hosting is very flexible and reliable. This cloud hosting is very much beneficial for high traffic websites or for other large scale organisations were down time can lead to loss.

The three most important and crucial factors of cloud hosting are reliability, its performance and the security. As this cloud hosting uses multiple servers, your web site can have superior functionality. If you face any problem in hardware of one server you can immediately switch to other server which saves downtime, and is most reliable. This facility is most suitable to those who depend on consistent time for productivity, sales and reputation. The most important feature of cloud hosting is its ability to plan before for business continuity, as many of the firms have failed due to lack of this. Cloud hosting is immensely speed and also quick in loading web pages. It is apt for websites with high traffic. It is hard to defeat cloud hosting in terms of performance. In terms of security also you can be assured regarding cloud hosting. Many providers in order to protect the data, against threats and malware have already enhanced their protocols. In cloud hosting encryption methods are used to avoid attacks and also to safe guard data. Organisations can be at ease that their data is secured with a cloud hosting plan. This type is mostly suitable for large scale organisations which have high traffic and needs speed, security and so on.

Shared hosting

In shared hosting your site will be hosted and share a single server along with other sites. Shared hosting is less expensive as you share resources with others like storage, band width and so on. Shared hosting is the most commonly seen and mostly almost all the providers provide few shared hosting versions also. The main advantage of shared hosting is it is affordable and less expensive as the cost is distributed. This is most suitable for micro organisations and to those who plan to have a website at a relatively cheaper cost.

The main drawback of cloud hosting is that it is expensive, it is not suitable for small and low budget companies. Whereas shared hosting also have its drawbacks like the performance of website is affected if you have high traffic. Shared hosting also offers limited resources.

Hamara hosting offers superior web hosting services depending on your requirements. Hamara hosting offers different hosting services like cloud hosting, shared hosting and so on. Cloud hosting at Hamara hosting is offered with top grade facilities like speed loading, security, managing high traffic and so on for your organisation. Shared hosting at Hamara hosting offers several features which can fit your requirements and can improve the performance of your site.

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Want to Speed up your Website

In order to get more users and increase the satisfaction levels in users, it is very crucial to speed up loading process of your website. Speed and performance are two most important points to retain your users and get more traffic to the web site. If your site takes too much time to load, the users may not show interest in your site and flip to other sites. As we all know Google has already cleared that the speed of your site is very important and also affects the ranking of site in the search result. In order to get high ranking in search results and improve traffic to your site, speed of your website is very essential.

Here are few ways to improve speed of your website

Choose superior hosting plan

The basic step for creating better website is to select superior hosting company and hosting plan. It is very important to choose reputable hosting company with dependable and solid hardware to organise or launch your website. Most of the hosting companies utilises inexpensive shared hosting and move upwards to virtual servers, dedicated servers, and cloud servers. In later stages different types of hosting are used to increase traffic.

Allow caching

Use caching as this improves performance of your site by storing data in a temporary area. Hosting companies provides caching plugins which rise up the performance of your site.

Opt for content delivery network

Using content delivery network is one among the most efficient ways to improve your website speed. This content delivery network allows you to duplicate and save your files as it is a worldwide network of servers. The time taken to deliver the elements to the client or user is reduced as it is delivered by a local server.

Improve your images

It is important to improve the quality of images in your web site as most of the users expect superior quality images. Speed of your website is mostly affected by size of images. Improve the images in your website using JPEG and PNG format, crop the image to reduce the size of image and resize your image according to your web site.

Reduce HTML, Java script and CSS

Now a day’s most of the web sites and web applications are depending on CSS and Java script. Reduce suing them to reduce the size of your files. When you eliminate unwanted data, your web loading speed is also improved.

Here are the few performance analysis sites which analyse the performance of your website. These sites identify your performance errors by running few tests and also provide suggestions and ways to rectify these errors. The performance analysis sites are Pingdom, GTMetrix and Google pagespeed tools.

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6 Common Questions about VPS Hosting

Here are the answers for most common doubts regarding VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

1. What is VPS hosting?

VPS is a web hosting solution which uses virtual private server. VPS uses shared hosting environment though it resembles a dedicated server. This VPS server presents you with huge server specialized options just like dedicated server at just at comparatively low cost. VPS hosting is the allocated part of physical server which is resided in a data centre and which also has its operating system, disc space, and bandwidth on its own.

2. How is VPS hosting different from shared and dedicated hosting

A VPS is technically an amalgamation of both shared and dedicated hosting. A shared hosting is a cheaper option which provides necessary facilities but in this type you share the portion of server with different outside users. Whereas dedicated server is an option where you lease an entire server and it is very expensive. But in VPS you may get to use a server which is further sub divided into virtualized servers. In this portion of resources are dedicated for you which are powerful and flexible.

3. How does VPS work

A VPS is just like using operating system software. Just say if you have a MacBook Pro and you need to use windows operating software to run specific programme, in this case you can utilize software like VirtualBox or VMware which permits you to run windows operating software instead of going for a different window PC. In the same manner in VPS hosting also you can run other virtualized servers which serve as dedicated servers.

4. VPS hosting benefits

In VPS hosting you can have your own customized unique hosting where you have more flexible server which is very much preferable than shared server and at the same time it is also less expensive than a dedicated server. You can improve your resources and server with your traffic levels. When compared to shared hosting server, VPS server is different and secured as you will use your own unique resources.

5. Difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting

In managed VPS hosting, hosting server will be responsible for building your server, for regular maintenance, security and more options. In managed VPS hosting the services are based on the hosting server you opt for. In managed server choosing a suitable hosting server is very crucial. Whereas in unmanaged VPS hosting you will be responsible for server tasks, security, maintenance and so on. In order to make your server more effective you may need to have some technical cut offs.

6. About the software you can install on VPS hosting

In VPS hosting you have flexible control over the software your server is using when compared to shared hosting. The installation, running software and others mainly depend on the operation software where the server runs and also on the size of the memory allocated to you. These are the only limits you may face with VPS hosting.

Hamara hosting is a top grade web hosting service provider who aims to provide peerless hosting services. VPS hosting at Hamara hosting is very well designed in terms of security, server tasks, improve performance and also others.


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Do you know about Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Services And Its Several Advantages

Our world is fast moving forward to a more real-time, accessible and distributed computing environment as people and organizations are on route towards cloud hosting. This technology is gaining mass popularity slowly yet steadily. The reasons for the shift in the cloud hosting domain are primarily due to the efficiency and the cost-effective and scalable features of the cloud server hosting services. The cloud servers are a combination of several servers that can easily be accessed by anyone from anywhere with a device and an internet connection.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is basically the method of hosting a website on a grid that connects multiple servers. The cloud hosting services apply the cloud computing technology that combines the computing powers of numerous systems placed at different locations. The idea of cloud hosting is that it manifests itself in several ways and encompasses a broad range of applications, as well as functions. In the simplest way, it refers to users accessing all computing resources they require from a cloud or a shared pool or bank of IT resources from a remote location through the internet.

Advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting services empowers people with several services and customizable features. The main advantage of cloud hosting is its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, other benefits of cloud hosting are:

  • Any application hosted on the cloud can be easily expanded over time, meaning there is unlimited space for storage.
  • Hosting data on a cloud server reduces costs as it works like a dedicated server.
  • The costs incurred from the cost of maintaining important data, software licensing for your PCs and servers, and the cost of IT support is greatly reduced. Moreover, no physical space is required for keeping the servers.

Cloud hosting is the current trend of online storage, driven by the need to have accessible systems in real-time working environment. The storage capacity of cloud servers is unlimited along with devices and number of users.

Safety and security of cloud hosting services

Data security: Any important data or information stored on the cloud is safe and secure as there is no risk of system crashes. The decentralized character of cloud servers ensures that websites operate perfectly even under any catastrophes. There is no risk of data loss under any unforeseen circumstances. Security tests and updates are often conducted to update software or platforms and are tested often for leakage or hacks. The cloud hosting service providers have systems in place to ensure that there is no tweaks or breaches insecurity during or after testing.

The cloud hosting services makes sure that unauthorized users of your company, your clients or a third party does not get access to any of your vital information accidentally. Cyber attack defense is also offered by cloud hosting services. It is the next great wall of defense against cyber attackers as they are always in the lookout for great amounts of confidential, high-security information that may be concentrated on a related handful of services, available on the internet. Hacking attempts on a network address from cyber attackers is potentially dealt strongly by cloud hosting services.


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Best Wishes on 67th Independence Day


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