Want to Speed up your Website

In order to get more users and increase the satisfaction levels in users, it is very crucial to speed up loading process of your website. Speed and performance are two most important points to retain your users and get more traffic to the web site. If your site takes too much time to load, the users may not show interest in your site and flip to other sites. As we all know Google has already cleared that the speed of your site is very important and also affects the ranking of site in the search result. In order to get high ranking in search results and improve traffic to your site, speed of your website is very essential.

Here are few ways to improve speed of your website

Choose superior hosting plan

The basic step for creating better website is to select superior hosting company and hosting plan. It is very important to choose reputable hosting company with dependable and solid hardware to organise or launch your website. Most of the hosting companies utilises inexpensive shared hosting and move upwards to virtual servers, dedicated servers, and cloud servers. In later stages different types of hosting are used to increase traffic.

Allow caching

Use caching as this improves performance of your site by storing data in a temporary area. Hosting companies provides caching plugins which rise up the performance of your site.

Opt for content delivery network

Using content delivery network is one among the most efficient ways to improve your website speed. This content delivery network allows you to duplicate and save your files as it is a worldwide network of servers. The time taken to deliver the elements to the client or user is reduced as it is delivered by a local server.

Improve your images

It is important to improve the quality of images in your web site as most of the users expect superior quality images. Speed of your website is mostly affected by size of images. Improve the images in your website using JPEG and PNG format, crop the image to reduce the size of image and resize your image according to your web site.

Reduce HTML, Java script and CSS

Now a day’s most of the web sites and web applications are depending on CSS and Java script. Reduce suing them to reduce the size of your files. When you eliminate unwanted data, your web loading speed is also improved.

Here are the few performance analysis sites which analyse the performance of your website. These sites identify your performance errors by running few tests and also provide suggestions and ways to rectify these errors. The performance analysis sites are Pingdom, GTMetrix and Google pagespeed tools.

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