5 Ways to fix Slow Loading Website

One thing you should mainly focus about your website is loading speed of the web site. Loading speed of your website is very crucial to improve rank in search engine results and also it helps to improve user satisfaction. Speed of your website helps to retain users and also helps to get more traffic to your website. Improving speed of your website is very crucial as slow loading websites may not be capable to attract more users. You can easily improve slow loading website problems by following few ways to fix slow loading websites. Here are 5 ways to fix slow loading website.

1. Allow caching

When we visit a website cache helps to store some data. Caching stores data in a temporary area. When we visit the website again cache helps to load faster. Installing caching plugins helps to improve performance and also speed up loading along with improving visitors. When you use content management system like wordpress, you can opt for caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or W3 Super Cache.

2. Avoid more plugins and Add on’s

The speed of your website may get reduced when your website is running too many plugins. When your website is using many plugins, your website is more prone to security risks. You can avoid resource hogs. You can remove harmful plugins by undergoing a baseline test by using Google Pagespeed Insights or GTMetrix.

3. Optimize the size of images

The speed of your site gets adversely affected when your site has more number of images which are oversized. These oversized images take more time to load the site and images. You can optimize your images by following few ways like

  • Make sure that your images are not oversized
  • Install WPSmush plugin which helps to improve speed by automatically minimizing the size of your image files.
  • Run the images through Tiny PNG tool before uploading them, this tool helps to minimize the size of your images.

4. Reduce your code

Your website may take more time to load if your code is bigger and clumsy. Your code may have unnecessary line breaks, spaces and others when you use a CMS, you make more customizations and even when you use website builder to make site. Better WordPress Minify is a plugin which helps to reduce your code when you are using wordpress.

Pagespeed Insights Chrome Extensions also helps to reduce your code by creating minimised version of code. Minimizing your CSS and your JavaScript files is also very useful as having all these files in one place helps to speed up the process.

5. Use content delivery network (CDN)

Use content delivery network (CDN) to speed up loading of your site. This helps to duplicate and save your file which assist users to access your site through the server closest to them as it is a network of global servers. CloudFlare and KeyCDN are two options available for CDN.

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