6 Common Questions about VPS Hosting

Here are the answers for most common doubts regarding VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

1. What is VPS hosting?

VPS is a web hosting solution which uses virtual private server. VPS uses shared hosting environment though it resembles a dedicated server. This VPS server presents you with huge server specialized options just like dedicated server at just at comparatively low cost. VPS hosting is the allocated part of physical server which is resided in a data centre and which also has its operating system, disc space, and bandwidth on its own.

2. How is VPS hosting different from shared and dedicated hosting

A VPS is technically an amalgamation of both shared and dedicated hosting. A shared hosting is a cheaper option which provides necessary facilities but in this type you share the portion of server with different outside users. Whereas dedicated server is an option where you lease an entire server and it is very expensive. But in VPS you may get to use a server which is further sub divided into virtualized servers. In this portion of resources are dedicated for you which are powerful and flexible.

3. How does VPS work

A VPS is just like using operating system software. Just say if you have a MacBook Pro and you need to use windows operating software to run specific programme, in this case you can utilize software like VirtualBox or VMware which permits you to run windows operating software instead of going for a different window PC. In the same manner in VPS hosting also you can run other virtualized servers which serve as dedicated servers.

4. VPS hosting benefits

In VPS hosting you can have your own customized unique hosting where you have more flexible server which is very much preferable than shared server and at the same time it is also less expensive than a dedicated server. You can improve your resources and server with your traffic levels. When compared to shared hosting server, VPS server is different and secured as you will use your own unique resources.

5. Difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting

In managed VPS hosting, hosting server will be responsible for building your server, for regular maintenance, security and more options. In managed VPS hosting the services are based on the hosting server you opt for. In managed server choosing a suitable hosting server is very crucial. Whereas in unmanaged VPS hosting you will be responsible for server tasks, security, maintenance and so on. In order to make your server more effective you may need to have some technical cut offs.

6. About the software you can install on VPS hosting

In VPS hosting you have flexible control over the software your server is using when compared to shared hosting. The installation, running software and others mainly depend on the operation software where the server runs and also on the size of the memory allocated to you. These are the only limits you may face with VPS hosting.

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