Benefits of Dedicated IP address

Benefits of Dedicated IP address

In the last article, we have discussed about Web hosting with dedicated IP and why one should have a dedicated IP address over shared IP address.

Today, let us in detail discuss about the benefits of web hosting with a dedicated IP address.

Benefits of dedicated IP address

Though getting a dedicated IP address costs you higher, but also offers several benefits like

  • Better server control- With a dedicated IP address, you can enjoy a better sever control. You can very well manage your server, upload files, can create file sharing server and so on. If you wish to have better server control and customization, it is recommended to pair up your dedicated IP address with a dedicated server.
  • View and access your website using dedicated IP- You can view your website and get access to your site using your dedicated IP even without buying or setting up your domain name. If you didn’t decide on your domain name registration or have issues with a domain name and wish to build your website, then do not worry you can easily do it using your IP only.
  • Few applications require it- In order to run custom software, you require a dedicated IP address, this is because some type of applications and software require a dedicated IP to function properly especially for gaming servers.
  • Better email deliverability- If your website needs to send lots of emails regularly and if you are sending them with a branded email address using a shared IP address, then there is a chance of deliverability issues i.e. your emails may not end up in your recipient’s inbox and may be classified as scam due to other websites. But with a dedicated IP address, you will be the only one to send emails, which helps to improve deliverability and protect your site’s reputation. With a dedicated IP address, you can ensure a high level of credibility and protection against IP blacklisting.
  • Direct FTP access- You know, you can directly get access to your server through FTP (file transfer protocol), instead of cPanel. If you wish to have an FTP access feature, then you must have a dedicated IP.
  • SSL certificate requirement- SSL certification has now become very important, as Google Chrome is marking your site insecure if you don’t have the encrypted HTTPS connection, which is enabled with this SSL certificate. You need a dedicated IP address for SSL certificate.

It is a fact that, the dedicated IP address does not make or break your website but it adds some benefits to your site.

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