Cloud vs. Shared Hosting: What You Need to Know

There are several web hosting options available now days. Web providers are offering huge varieties of features in low budgets which can serve different organizations from small to large scale organisations. The most common web hosting solutions are cloud hosting and shared hosting. These two are the leading hosting solutions, they hold their own individual and unique features which seems to be useful depending on your requirements. Let us know a little more in detail about each hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting

The most important distinguishing factor in both the hosting solutions is that the cloud hosting is combines the use of several multiple servers. Incorporating multiple servers can be beneficial, if there is any problem with one server, you can utilize the other server without wasting time. Cloud hosting is very flexible and reliable. This cloud hosting is very much beneficial for high traffic websites or for other large scale organisations were down time can lead to loss.

The three most important and crucial factors of cloud hosting are reliability, its performance and the security. As this cloud hosting uses multiple servers, your web site can have superior functionality. If you face any problem in hardware of one server you can immediately switch to other server which saves downtime, and is most reliable. This facility is most suitable to those who depend on consistent time for productivity, sales and reputation. The most important feature of cloud hosting is its ability to plan before for business continuity, as many of the firms have failed due to lack of this. Cloud hosting is immensely speed and also quick in loading web pages. It is apt for websites with high traffic. It is hard to defeat cloud hosting in terms of performance. In terms of security also you can be assured regarding cloud hosting. Many providers in order to protect the data, against threats and malware have already enhanced their protocols. In cloud hosting encryption methods are used to avoid attacks and also to safe guard data. Organisations can be at ease that their data is secured with a cloud hosting plan. This type is mostly suitable for large scale organisations which have high traffic and needs speed, security and so on.

Shared hosting

In shared hosting your site will be hosted and share a single server along with other sites. Shared hosting is less expensive as you share resources with others like storage, band width and so on. Shared hosting is the most commonly seen and mostly almost all the providers provide few shared hosting versions also. The main advantage of shared hosting is it is affordable and less expensive as the cost is distributed. This is most suitable for micro organisations and to those who plan to have a website at a relatively cheaper cost.

The main drawback of cloud hosting is that it is expensive, it is not suitable for small and low budget companies. Whereas shared hosting also have its drawbacks like the performance of website is affected if you have high traffic. Shared hosting also offers limited resources.

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