Do I need a dedicated server for my website and what are its advantages? 

Do I need a dedicated server for my website and what are its advantages? 

Do I need a dedicated server for my website and what are its advantages?

While starting up your business online or offline  in the initial stages choosing a shared hosting platform seems to be a good option for your website. However with the growth of your business also increases your website’s traffic and storage needs. In this scenario, a shared or cloud or a VPS hosting doesn’t fits and you should switch to a dedicated server for your website.

When you are opting for a shared hosting, you will share the physical server with several other websites. This further limits your resources, may slow down your site’s performance and also increase your risk of security threats. With limited resources and growing traffic, your site’s performance declines and even it takes more time to load the page. Customers may not be interested in waiting for your site to load and may switch to other competitive sites. Moreover, if any website sharing the server gets a harmful virus, other websites also get affected.

When it comes to a dedicated server, you can have a full server for your website which takes care of storage and other maintenance needs of your server. The major drawback of a dedicated server is its cost. Even though the cost of the dedicated server is high, the hosting services it offers are well worth it.

Many are in a dilemma to decide whether if their website needs a dedicated web hosting server or not. If you are one among them, then consider switching to a dedicated server if you notice any warning signs like lack of storage space, declining loading speed of your website, encountering server side programming issues, increased traffic, increased vulnerability of threats and so on.

Advantages of choosing a dedicated server

  • Enjoy unlimited space- With a shared hosting, you are sharing the space with other websites on the server, whereas with a dedicated server, you can have unlimited space for your application’s operations.
  • Fast loading and improved site performance- Website loading speed plays a crucial matter. Most of the visitors leave the site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. A dedicated server helps to speed up your website and also handles your heavy traffic effectively.
  • Increased security- With shared hosting, your site is at an increased risk of threat. If any website in the shared hosting gets hacked, then the other sites sharing the hosting server are also at risk.
  • Customized programming- With a dedicated server, you can have suitable and customized programming for your business starting from hardware specifications to the operating system you use and so on.

A dedicated server improves your site performance and also improves your customer satisfaction to a great extent. Contact Hamara Hosting today to improve your website performance and also to get most out of it.


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