How to Find Out the Domain Owner

How to Find Out the Domain Owner

In order to launch your website, you need to register your domain name and choose the most suitable plan. Selecting your Domain name is a crucial task and you need to pick the most suitable one. After choosing your domain, if you find out that it is already been registered, then do not just try to change the domain name wait for some time and decide.

Do you know many people these days are simply buying the domain names without actually using it. This has become a business, the domain owners charge you a little amount for transferring you the domain name.

But how will you find who is the owner of the domain and about their information? Today let discuss on how you can get the information about the domain owner.

Few steps to find out about the domain owner

Finding domain owners details is not a difficult task and this is mainly because of a website named WHOIS. WHOIS is a public record which contains all the data regarding domain registration like domain owner name, their contact details, registration, renewal and expiry date. It is mandatory that everyone should give their relevant information at the time of domain registration.

If you want to perform a domain lookup, then you should open Now enter the Domain name and click “Lookup”.

This discloses the personal information of the domain owner, until and unless the domain owner he/she using a WHOIS Privacy Protection/ domain privacy.

After getting the details of the domain owner, the first thing you need to do is to contact them and tell them that you want to buy that particular domain name. You can even contact a domain name broker who handles everything starting from negotiation to transfer process.

If in case, the domain owner is using domain privacy due to which their details are hidden, then it is recommended to contact them using the sites contact form.

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