How to Open a WhatsApp Business Account and How It Will Be Useful Now A Days

How to Open a WhatsApp Business Account and How It Will Be Useful Now A Days

How to Open a WhatsApp Business Account and How It Will Be Useful Now A Days

WhatsApp being the most popular and widely used cross- platform messaging app with over 1.5 billion monthly active users has become a great platform for small business owners. Now a days WhatsApp has become the primary mode of communication among many smartphone users, hence using this app, business people can easily interact with their customers. Another major advantage of WhatsApp Business is that it is cost effective i.e. it is absolutely free to download and use.

After a detailed analysis, WhatsApp has introduced separate business app i.e. WhatsApp Business app in 2018 to support small businesses. This particular WhatsApp Business app is similar to the regular WhatsApp but has a few additional features which are suitable for small and medium businesses (SMB). As of now, this business app is available for Android smartphones only.

When WhatsApp Business app is giving you more features when compared to regular Whatsapp, why do business on the regular one? So, without any further delay, let us see how to open a WhatsApp Business app and also about its benefits.

  • How to open a WhatsApp Business Account

First of all, for creating an account you need to download the WhatsApp Business app. This business app is available on Google Play store for Android smartphones and one can download from it. Below are a few simple steps to create the account.

  • Download the app, open it and go through the initial setup process
  • Select from business or not a business choice
  • Click on the “Accept” button for terms and conditions
  • Enter your business phone number (they will verify your number via OTP)
  • Create Profile and enter your business details like business name, address and contact details. (Note: once entered business name cannot be changed)

Note: It is always recommended to use a business phone number than a personal number for a seamless experience. If you do not have a business number and opt to use your personal number, then your personal WhatsApp profile will be turned into a business profile. Most of all using a business number makes verification much easier. Another important point to be noted is that you can only use one of the two apps i.e. regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp business app for a single phone number, hence, using business number makes sense. If you do not have another number, it is recommended to take a new Sim for your business.

By using WhatsApp Business app, the SMB’s (small and medium businesses) can connect with their customers effectively. Users or customers can get information about your business like Business name, description, email address, office address and so on. This information further confirms the users that they are dealing with a business official and it is not a scam. In order to check whether an account is official/safe or not there is a pilot programme which distinguishes it with a green checkmark.

Advanced business focussed features of WhatsApp Business

Few advanced business focussed features of WhatsApp Business include

  • Chat Labels- This feature of chat labels enables you to label the chats like a new customer, new order and so on for your convenience. This makes it easy for you to recognize the customer. Later you can even modify the chat labels and can even give the chats different colours according to your convenience.
  • Messaging statistics- With this feature you can know how many of your messages were sent, delivered successfully and read. Under this messaging tool, there are three options like away message, greeting message and quick replies. Using “away message” option, you can let your customers know when they can expect the reply even when they contact you after the business hours. With “greeting message” option, you can greet your customer and introduce your business when they contact you for the first time. The greeting message will be sent automatically when your customer contacts you for the first time again after 14 days of inactivity. With the “quick replies” option, you can send a real quick answer to frequently asked questions.
  • WhatsApp Web- Just like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business also offers you the facility to mirror the screen with your desktop. You can now chat through your desktop using the comforts of a keyboard.

By using WhatsApp Business app, you can easily communicate with your customers and offer one- on- one support. You can even send timely updates related to your business. Another advantage of this WhatsApp Business app is that you can send message or updates to your long list of customers within just one minute by creating a broadcast list. Currently, this broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.

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