Improve the Common Mistakes of Website

Due to drastic increase in mobile consumption Google also changed its search process to be mobile friendly in 2014. Approximately a person is spending average of 60 hours each week on digital devices. According to the statistics about usage of mobile phones for a year downloading the apps in mobile raised to 32% from 22%, web browsing also raised to 42% from 33%, checking mails raised to 43% from 33% and logging on to social networking sites also raised to 30% from 22%. Not only teenagers who are bored use smart phones but also the usage of smart phones influences the earnings.

When you are making a mobile friendly website, it is very beneficial for your business, but if you tend to do UX mistakes like old content, slow loading and so on it negatively affects your business. Most importantly building mobile friendly websites play crucial role in building superior relation with users and also the followers.
Here is the list of common mistakes of websites you can avoid to improve users and followers.

1. Revise “registration required”

Though many firms depend on registration, but enclosing the information behind registration is very disappointing for some users and avoiding the site as they are not interested in registering. Approximately 11% of the users dump the site because of the registration process and about 90% of the users provide false information. If registration is mandatory or essential for your Website make it simple and easy by thinking from the point of view of users i.e. keep less fields, do not keep any passwords and so on.

2. Reconsider the structure and organization

Use simple and user friendly quick access structure. Using complicated instructions in the site, leads to unclear information about the site and which further lead users to abandon the site. The main goal of business website is to provide complete information about the services, information and products about the business. By using complicated structure your goal may not be reached. In order to get rid of these provide simple page titles and links to get relevant information. Be particular about the back ground colours and the font colours do not mix with each other and also include social media share features.

3. Provide users with option to choose

Too many ads and pop ups in website may also make the users quit from the website. This may be due to waste of time and energy in closing the ads. If your ads cover the content then it negatively affects your web site. Just use one or two ads, opt in pop ups that are relevant to our site.

4. Improve your web page loading time

The time your web page takes to load also influence your relationship with the user. Most of the users abandon the site due to slow loading of the page. It is very important to build your website user friendly. Google also penalizes the websites which takes huge time to load. If you want to check your web sites performance and speed, use several simple tools to test the speed like Google page speed insights and web page test. These also provide few suggestions to improve the speed.

5. Keep updating the content

Provide relevant, knowledgeable, fresh and unique content to grasp the attention and entertain the users. Updating your website once in a year or posting outdated content may discourage the users. To keep your users enthusiastic provide valuable, accurate and appropriate information, as it increases the relation. In order to get rid of this problem hire professional content writers to provide users interesting information which can make them revisit your website.

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