Know how you can earn easy money with reseller hosting?

Know how you can earn easy money with reseller hosting?

If you very well understand the term “Web Hosting” or if you assist people with their websites, then there is a high chance for you to become a hosting reseller and earn a regular income.

Now let us dig into the details, what is this reseller hosting? How can you earn profits from reseller hosting? About several different ways to market you’re hosting?

What is a reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting in simple is where you can buy a web hosting package (hard drive space) from the hosting provider, rebrand it and resell it at a higher price to your own customers. Many web hosting companies offer reseller hosting packages for their clients.

With reseller hosting, you can create your own hosting brand and offer a wide range of services to your clients with attractive reseller packages. You can build your brand name by creating your own and unique hosting plans which best suits all the needs of your clients. You can set your own pricing plans for the hosting packages and trade your business. One thing you should be careful about is that you should choose and buy the best and most reasonable reseller hosting plan for yourself.

Reseller packages vary from host to host and below are few common services which are offered by most of the hosts.

  • Disc space along with unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Customized account and website management for clients
  • White label branding
  • 24/7 technical support offered by hosting provider
  • cPanel / WHM control panels
  • Additional hosting features like email, security tools, cPanel and so on

How can you earn profits from reseller hosting?

In the first phase, you can buy the best and most reasonable reseller package from the host and then resell hosting to your clients at your own pricing plan. By doing this you can earn some profits. Remember, the more you sell, the more profits you get. Buy enough space and resell it to clients across the world.

You can become one stop solution for your client and charge them for your services. By retaining your customers you can get a steady income.

Different ways to market you’re hosting

Reseller hosting is now a very well known and you have a lot of competition out there. In order to win over the competition, you should keep up with the trend and look for networks wherever possible.

Always try to choose those groups, forums or websites where you don’t have so many competitors and at the same time have thousands of clients. Another way to promote is advertising through blogs or even buying link ads. This creates curiosity among readers and makes them want to know what you are offering. You can even opt for local news papers for marketing yourself and reach a lot of people at the same time.

Be consistent and update your website or blog and show your clients that you are not stagnant. You can even incorporate sign up form or subscription pop up to your website to get more leads. You can even go for social media marketing to advertise your brand and reach out to more people.

To get a competitive edge, always try to follow the trend, promote your brand, give your users unique offers which they do not wish to reject.

Challenges and struggles

Remember in this business, you can’t expect immediate results and income. Even if you are going correctly, it takes time for you to establish your brand and take it to your clients. Generating orders from clients may seem difficult in the initial stages, but if you select the right channel to promote yourself that won’t be hard anymore. Be patient, make smart strategies and plan accordingly. You can make some serious money by following the right path.

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