Maintain Word Press Security

Maintain Word Press Security

Security of word press is very crucial for every web site owners to safe guard their web site and its content from hackers. Word press security is very important to each and every website in order to safe guard the data. Even though word press core software is highly secured and audited by many developers, it is important to secure your word press web site. Securing your web site is not only about risk elimination but it is also about reducing the risk. Google blocks approximately 20,000 websites for malware every week and 50,000 websites for phishing.

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Importance of Word Press Security

Word press security is very important to protect your business or organisation because when your website gets hacked it negatively affects your revenue and repetition. The user information and passwords can be at risk and if your web site is hacked then the hacker can easily get the information about your users. Hackers can also install malicious soft ware in your site and affect users by spreading malware. If you have a business website then you need to be extra careful about the security issues like hacking.

Update your Word Press

Even though word press is regularly updated, only minor updates are automatically updated. You should be responsible for updating major releases. The plugins and themes installed in our website should also be updated. Updating regularly is very important for your sites security, as well as your sites stability.

Use Strong Passwords

Use strong and unique passwords for your websites to eliminate the risk of hacking. Use strong passwords in different sections like word press admin, database, FTP accounts, word press hosting account and also for your professional Email address. Do not give access to your word press admin accounts to others unless it is very important. Many people avoid using strong passwords as they are difficult to remember, but you can help yourself by using password manager.

Importance of Word Press Hosting

As word press hosting plays a crucial role in your site’s security, choosing superior shared hosting provider who takes extra care of their servers against threats is very important. Choosing managed word press hosting is safer than using shared hosting as managed word press hosting companies provide automatic updates and back up’s along with advanced security settings.

Here are few word press security tips to harden security

  • Install word press backup plugins to restore your data quickly in case of any threat
  • Install superior word press security plugin to know what happens on your site like malware scanning, integrity monitoring, failed login attempts and so on.
  • Use Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your site from malicious traffic.

Along with the above here are few steps for DIY users to improve word press security

  • Modify the default admin username
  • Disable few settings like file editing, PHP file execution in few word press directories, directory indexing and browsing and XML-RPC in word press.
  • Limit login attempts and keep password protection to word press admin and login page.
  • Change default word press database prefix
  • Automatically log out inactive or idle users in word press
  • Avoid unauthorized access by adding security questions to word press login screen.

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