Plesk / cPanel which is the best Web Hosting Control Panel?

Plesk / cPanel which is the best Web Hosting Control Panel?

One among the most crucial feature of every web hosting service is its control panel. Control panel is nothing but the interface that enables customers to operate on the website. There are several control panels available nowadays, whereas the topmost and superior among them are Plesk and cPanel. Well both Plesk and cPanel Web hosting control panels are popular, powerful and most commonly offered control panels and also offers very easy to access control panels. In order to choose superior control panel among these two let us discuss them in detail The cPanel Hosting Control panel is actually introduced in the year 1996 and is the most loved control panel in millions of websites and is particularly popular in Linux Web Hosting based servers and hosting packages. It is also used for cloud hosting and dedicated servers. cPanel also comes along web hosting manager (WHM) program that performs as a server administration interface. Whereas, Plesk introduced in the 2001has also become a superior control webhosting panel just like cPanel due to its features. The recent version of Plesk i.e. Plesk Onyx has more than 100 extensions in 3 versions like Web Admin, Web Pro, and Web Hosts. Plesk hosting panel also has built-in for a broad range of apps and extensions. Plesk / cPanel which is the best Control Panel?

Features and Tools

Both cPanel and Plesk contains all the basic features and tools which every user needs to carry out functions like

  • Installation of apps
  • Configuring email accounts
  • Maintaining users accounts
  • Scheduling backup’s
  • Database management for user access and data manipulation
  • Running FTP
  • Configuring domain name system settings
  • Server logs
  • Resource reports on available space used space and bandwidth
  • File management

Operating System compatibility

Coming to compatibility, cPanel is mainly developed to work on Linux servers and is compatible with CentOS, Cloud Linux and RedHat Linux distribution based operating systems. However, cPanel is incompatible with Windows. Whereas Plesk is the world leader when it comes to windows servers and also it is mainly developed for windows. Even though it is developed for windows, it can also be used for a broad range of Linux OS, including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux and Cloud Linux.


As discussed earlier both Plesk and cPanel offers easy to access control panels and enables users to have command line access. Plesk has standard and very easy to use software layout. Plesk just like Word Press admin panel contains its main menu down on the left-hand side and if the item is selected it displays the contents of the main menu. For easy access to features, icons are used and these feature icons are located on the right side of the screen. Plesk offers command line access tool named Panel Action Log Command Line Access Tool. cPanel is a bit different from Plesk in an interface. In cPanel all the features are grouped into sections and users can access them by scrolling down and for easy access icons are used for each feature. cPanel offers command line access along with API based access, enabling interaction with third-party software.


Coming to performance, cPanel control panel is considered to be the fastest than Plesk. cPanel developers have succeeded in providing quicker page loading, account creation, and other features by reducing the size of RAM.

Security and support

Web security now a day’s is the most important feature and both Plesk and cPanel offers a broad range of security and support tools to safeguard the users. Plesk control panel offers security tools like active directory integration, in and outbound spam filtering for email and fail2ban intrusion prevention to protect the users. Whereas cPanel security tools include IP address denials, auto installation of SSL certificates and password-protected directories.


For easy access, both the control panels have developed smartphone apps which assist you to stay connected with your server and website while you are out and at the same time you can also use several other third-party apps.


Both Plesk and cPanel are extraordinary control panels that make it easy for you to access your server and website. When coming to selecting a control panel, in few cases choosing the control panel is dictated by the hosting package or operating system you select.


  1. Raj
    April 28, 2018 06:40 Reply


    this is nice article, I never seen like this, you provided good information about Plesk hosting and cpanel hosting control panel. Thank you.
    after red this article I have one question please clear with your reply. My question is which control panel will give the best performance for my website.
    Please reply with best explanation.

    • hhblog
      August 26, 2018 20:11 Reply

      Hi Raj,

      Thank you.
      you asked general question but very important for every web hosting service.
      Basically, performance will depending on web hosting server configuration and hosting server networks. In Hamara Hosting will give you best web hosting performance server.
      please try once you will get great experience with our web linux hosting. check from this url:
      And we will prove windows hosting also ,

  2. Reddy
    April 28, 2018 07:14 Reply

    We plan to take the hosting services for our website we are design on WordPress can suggest me which is the best control panel for my website

    • hhblog
      August 26, 2018 20:06 Reply

      Hi Reddy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Both web hosting control panels ( cpanel / plesk ) are good for wordpress web hosting.
      But cpanel hosting unix or linux so wordpress is more related linux hosted servers.
      If any more information reply with your comments we will ready help you.

  3. syed
    June 11, 2018 10:21 Reply

    This is very useful and informative article.

    • hhblog
      August 26, 2018 19:59 Reply

      Thank you Syed for your comment. 🙂

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