Safe Guard Hacker is the Best Wordpress Security Plug-in?

Safe Guard Hacker is the Best WordPress Security Plug-in?

WordPress is the most popularly used bogging platform which helps to create free, simple and other full featured kind of web sites and blogs. Millions of people use wordpress, it is said that around 26% of all global websites use wordpress. WordPress due to its popularity is targeted by many hackers and spammers. Even though wordpress contains solid security framework, but due to several third party plugins and themes your website can be vulnerable and private data can be stolen. In order to protect your site and personal data it is very important to secure your site and safe guard hacker is the most suitable plug in. Here are few top wordpress security plugins and wordpress security tips which helps to secure your site from hackers and spammers.

Safegaurd Security plugin for WordPressAll in one WP Security & Firewall

It is one of the most popular and easy to use user friendly wordpress security plug in loaded with security features and functionality. It implements latest security techniques and measures to safe guard your website. It makes use of login lockdown feature and let you set number of login attempts a user can make before getting locked. It also provides several tips and recommendations and also helps to create stronger passwords. This security plug in contains security scanner which notifies you about the changes made to wordpress system by keeping track of all files.

I Themes Security

I Themes security have 30+ ways to secure your wordpress website. It improves your credentials by eliminating several attacks and vulnerabilities. In order to provide advanced security, it comes with two factor authentication, automatically scanning daily for problems, logging user actions, monitoring files regarding changes and malware and brute force protection. Both free and premium versions can use this I Theme security plug in.


BBQ helps your website from vulnerable URL requests by monitoring vulnerable codes and blocking the requests. BBQ works with standalone script and protects your website from malicious requests.

Word Fence

Word fence is the most popular way to protect your site from malwares as it covers several things like login security, IP blocking, security scanning and also wordpress firewall and monitoring. It conducts deep server scan and start the process by checking if the site is already infected or not. In the premium version of word fence there are lot more features which helps to protect your website from vulnerabilities. Few extra features of word fence include country blocking, two step authentication, scheduled scanning.

SUCURI Security

It is a monitoring tool which it focuses on changes and activities which can harm your website. It offers several advanced features like security activity auditing, security blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring and post hack security actions.

WordPress File Monitor Plus

File monitor plus helps you to monitor everything i.e. every single change that happens in your file. There are both cons and pros, i.e. it will alert you with every single change made to the file and on the other side the files in your web site may be updated several times a day and due to this you need to monitor your files carefully to differentiate between normal changes and malicious changes.

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