What is WHOIS Privacy Protection and how does it help you?

What is WHOIS Privacy Protection and how does it help you?

What is the WHOIS Privacy Protection?

Most of the webmaster will be in a dilemma and are uncertain whether to have a domain privacy protection for their website or not? Wish to know if this extra add on feature is important or not? And if yes how does it really help them?

Now, before going into our actual topic i.e. about WHOIS Privacy Protection and its pros, let us in brief discussion about domain privacy.

What is Domain Privacy?

When you buy a Domain name, you will come across several add on features which you might want to purchase along with your domain. Among these few may be functional and others may be unnecessary. One among such add on features is this Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy is a service which is offered by several domain name registrars. When the user purchases the domain, the registrant information of the domain like address, contact details and email goes directly into WHOIS.

WHOIS is a public record which contains all the data regarding domain registration. Under WHOIS all the registrant details are considered as Public Information, in addition to the name servers along with other domain registration details like registration, renewal and expiry date. Anyone who knows a registered domain name can easily enter into any WHOIS search tool and can retrieve this public information. In this way, your personal data becomes available to the public and in order to hide information from the public, you need to get Domain Privacy Protection. This Domain Privacy Protection masks all your personal information present on WHOIS. Instead, in place of your personal information, a generic registrar-generated information set is displayed.


About WHOIS Privacy Protection

When you purchase and register your domain name, your registrar is required to enter contact information of the site owner by ICANN. This information directly goes into WHOIS which is a public record. If you want to protect your personal information, it is very important to have the privacy protection.

The major advantage of this Privacy Protection is that it hides your personal information going from the public and reduces spam.

How does WHOIS Privacy Protection help you?

Below are a few ways how WHOIS privacy protection helps you

  • Safeguard your personal information
  • Prevent unwanted solicitations
  • Prevents Domain Hijacking
  • Protect your Email and prevents unsolicited emails from spammers

Though this privacy protection needs a little investment and is like an extra yearly expense, it is actually worth your investment. With this, you can protect your privacy and keep solicitations at bay.  We at Hamara Hosting set up domain privacy/ WHOIS Privacy Protection for our customers and safeguard their privacy.

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