Database Solutions

HamaraHosting is the leading developer of specialized databases for the development business, designed specifically to figure inside the exactness Estimating atmosphere. Along with installations all over the country, our databases are Associate in serving integral part of many triple-crown businesses by this user would enjoy our technology.

Founded over a 3years ago, information of our solution began making databases for various specialties inside the development business. These databases were instantly triple-crown as a result of they were developed from a contractor’s purpose of read and enclosed grade of detail never before offered. These databases were combinedly designed specifically for the acquainted exactness Estimating system, therefore integration was fast and simple.

Since the, information Solutions has developed a full line of predetermined databases and swollen its services to incorporate development of be spoke and custom-designed databases. Information Solutions combinedly provides comprehensive installation, training, and consulting services. Our team were dedicated professional’s stands able to facilitate any construction-related business enhances and improves the performance of its estimating system.