How do I manually configure the settings in email applications to send and receive my Hamara Email?

It is important to configure the settings in email applications accordingly to send or receive your Hamara Emails . Manual configuration using supported Hamara Email servers and port numbers is required to get accessed to Hamara Emails using third party email client. Customers should only use Hamara hosting supported servers and port numbers while configuring the mail settings.

   Here are few steps to configure the settings to use Hamara mails      

Step 1:- At first, search and spot the IMAP or POP server and port settings in your personal email application. 

        These options are generally found below the account settings menu in your email application. If you are unable to find your settings refer help with common email clients section below.   

Step 2:- Now update your server and port settings and save the changes you have made. 

        Even after updating if you face any difficulties or fail to recover your email, then check your username and it should be your complete email address including


                      Server Settings

   Port Settings


Incoming mail server (POP3):


Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


Enable your SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing mail server


POP3-  995  -SSL


SMTP-   465  -SSL


Incoming mail server (IMAP):


Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


Enable your SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing mail servers

IMAP-   993   -SSL


SMTP-   465  -SSL


     Use these above settings listed in the table if you are doing with server and port settings.

      You may be asked to select single protocol from either IMAP or POP by your email client. If you want to know about the difference between IMAP and POP3, then check our “What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?” article. This article provides required information about these above two protocols helps you to choose the right one suitable to your requirements. If you plan to alter your configuration settings from POP to IMAP, first you need to save and protect your emails to eliminate any type of potential loss during the change.

  • Help with common email clients


      These below links are the help pages given by manufacturers of common email applications

  •  Outlook 2007 (follow the procedure and set of steps under “Other Email Account” and make use of Hamara hosting server and port settings)


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