Hamara Email Working in Briefcase

Briefcase allows you to save files in your account so that you can access them whenever you log in from any computer.

You can save attachments sent with email messages to a Briefcase folder and upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, and pdf files from your computer or network. To organise the files, you can create different briefcase folders.

Briefcase files are duplicates of the original file. Changes made to files in your briefcase have no effect on the original file.

  • Creating Briefcase folders
  • Uploading files
  • Adding email attachments
  • Viewing files
  • Tagging files
  • Sorting Files
  • Sharing your Briefcase

Creating Briefcase folders

Select the Briefcase option.

On the toolbar, select Briefcase from the New list.

The New Briefcase dialogue box appears. Give the new Briefcase folder a name.

This name must be unique within your mailbox folder hierarchy. Briefcase folders cannot be named the same as any other top-level folder in your Zimbra mail, calendar, or address book. You cannot, for example, name a top-level Briefcase Holidays if you have a calendar named Holidays. Holidays might be the name of a briefcase within a briefcase.

Choose the folder hierarchy. You can either create a new top-level briefcase or place it beneath an existing briefcase.

Select OK. The newly added briefcase appears in the Overview pane.

Uploading Files

Uploading a file transfers a file from your personal computer to your email account. This makes the file available any time you log in to your account. Your account quota determines how many files can be uploaded to your Briefcase.

To upload files

Open Briefcase and on the toolbar click Upload File.

Click Browse in the Upload New File to Briefcase dialogue to locate the files to upload. If the files are in the same directory, you can select multiple files to upload. Click Add and navigate to the file to be added.

A file with the same name cannot be uploaded to the same briefcase. On the Upload dialogue, you can specify how files with the same name should be treated when you attempt to upload the file. The change is saved in the dialogue when you change this option.

Select Ask Me if you want to be notified when you upload a file with the same name. The Upload Conflict dialogue appears if a file has the same name as an existing upload. You have the option of keeping your existing file or replacing it with the uploaded file. You can also look at the new file. This is the default setting.

Select Replace With My File if you always want the file you upload to replace the existing file with the same name. The new file is uploaded and takes the place of the old one. This is not communicated to you.

If you do not want the files in your Briefcase to be replaced, select Keep Existing File. The file is not uploaded and you are not notified.

When all files are uploaded, click OK. The file is displayed in the Briefcase.

Select View to set how you want the files displayed in your briefcase.

Explorer View. Files are displayed by type (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

Detail View. Files are displayed as a list, showing name, type of file, size of file, date, and owner. In Detail View, click the header title to sort the files by Name, Size, or Date.

Column Browser View. File names are displayed in a columns.


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