Dynamic DNS

DNS, or the domain name system, is the phonebook of the Internet, connecting web browsers with websites. 

Use this interface to use a Domain Name System (DNS) hosted on the cPanel server to resolve a hostname that exists on an external network with a dynamic IP address. A dynamic IP address changes, while a static IP address stays the same. This feature lets you manage your network devices without any need and do manually any updates on their settings any time the IP address changes.

The Dynamic DNS (DDNS) interface table

The Dynamic DNS interface displays a table that contains your DDNS domains and their information. You can also perform actions for the domains that you select. The table contains the following information:

  • Domain — The DDNS domain that you can navigate to in your browser. This will also display the DDNS domain’s description if one exists. You can also click a domain in this column to view the following options:
    • Description — Use this text box to add or update a DDNS domain’s description. Click Save to apply your changes or cancel to discard your changes.
    • Last Update Time — The most recent time when the IP address changed for the DDNS domain.
    • Last Run Time — The most recent time when a request to update the IP address happened. If the IP address stays the same between requests, the server keeps the domain’s IP address the same.
  • IP Address — The IPv4 or IPv6 address or addresses that the DDNS domain resolves to. This IP address synchronizes with the dynamic IP address of the network’s router.
  • URL — In the Web call URL the device on your dynamic IP address network calls this URL to update the IP address for the DDNS domain.
  • SSL Certificate — The SSL certificate for the DDNS domain, if available. To view or copy the certificate, click View SSL Certificate.


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