How to block an Emails from a Specific TLD for a cPanel Accounts

How To Block Emails From a Specific TLD for cPanel Accounts


This article's goal is to describe how to prevent emails from certain TLDs. 


  1. Open your cPanel account and log in.
  2. Go to Email and select Global Email Filters
  3.  Select the Add New Filter button.
  4.  Give your filter a name, such as ".TLD Block."
  5.  Enter "From" and "ends with" for the rule. 
  6.  Type ".tld" into the Rules text box.

NOTE: Be sure to replace "tld" with the TLD that you wish to block.

  1. Select the desired course of action, such as "Fail with Message" or "Discard Message."

NOTE: If you choose "Fail with Message" as the action, you will be prompted to enter the message you would like to fail these deliveries with.

  1. Click Create.


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