Security tips

  Change all email IDs and CPanel Passwords for every 30 days. use following instructions  
  •  Use passwords should be at least 8 characters.
  •  Use numbers, symbols, and punctuation in your password for security.
  •  Use different passwords for different accounts.
  •  Use secure password tool for the test all passwords.
  •  Don't use dictionary words as passwords, e.g. myblackdog.
  •  Don't repeat sequences of characters, e.g. 3333, abcdabcd.
  •  Don't use personal or names information in passwords, e.g. your birth date.
  •  Stop saving passwords on laptops, smartphones or tablets due to that more chances to lose the information.
  •  For securely keep track of your passwords. Use a password manager(See our post on Last Pass).
  •  Setup and maintain two-factor authentication when it's available.
  • The secure password generator very uses full for protecting the passwords.
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